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Short story and novel: the differences

One of my students recently asked me about the difference between short story and novel writing, and I thought it would be a good subject for a post. In my opinion, there are many similarities, but there are differences too. I have written a novella (unpublished) and I have to say I found...


From idea to publication

Asking ‘why?’ is a great way to come up with a story plot – and visual images can trigger plenty of ideas too. When you bring the two things together, the creative juices really begin to flow. This happened to me a while back when I was walking my dog past a flat not far from where I...


Thinking about sending your story by email?

Before you submit your story to an editor, you’ll need to check whether or not you can send your submission by email. Don’t bother emailing a story the magazines only accept hard copy manuscripts. In those instances, whether you like it or not, you’ll have to send a copy by post. In case...