I visited a junior school recently and, while I was there, I came across this amusing definition of what you need to be a good writer (see above).

To be a good writer you need a full stop, fingers, spaces, a capital letter and sometimes paragraphs.

This young person’s no-nonsense view on what it takes to be a good writer certainly made me smile. I love the way that children refuse to make things complicated. Their views are simple and uncluttered and often bring surprising clarity to a subject.

Whoever it was that came up with this definition is clever enough to know that writing is about putting certain ingredients together. Every one of us has access to the tools we need to write well: letters, words, and rules of grammar. All you have to do is practise with those tools and then use them to build an interesting story.

As adults, we sometimes hold back because we aren’t sure that we’ve ‘got what it takes’ to be a good writer. We get bogged down, trying too hard to create something perfect. If you find yourself in that situation, remember this wonderfully simple writing definition and know that we all have what it takes to tell a good story. All you have to do is write.